May 2003

The dirt road from hell

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At the beginning of the dirt road from Puertecitos. It's mostly rocks, but no washboard
The Sea of Cortéz from the road south of Puertecitos
My improvised solution to the missing screws
The bike on the washboard road
Camping on the beach at Baía San Luis Gonzaga
Driving on the sandy side track to avoid the corrugations
The result of riding in sand, shortly after falling off the bike
The bike upright again. Notice that I had to take the big bag off
Topes on a dirt road!! Haha!
Humberto, who lives in the middle of nowhere and set up the topes
Almost at the end of the dirt road
A foto from the left front fork to see what my problems might be (almost a premonition)
The desert landscape on the dirt road
Arriving in Baja California Sur
The Viscaíno desert south of Guerrero Negro
Even though it's a desert, there are still flowers
The Volcano of the Tree Virgens

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